Answers to common questions directed to the Stony Brook Women in Mathematics or other clubs.

When and where are meetings held?

We typically meet every other Tuesday from 7 to 8 PM, and our full schedule can be found here.

Our meetings are held in room P-131 of the Math Tower, which (for reference) is semi-attached to the Physics Building. After going in through the main entrance which faces the Physics Building, the first door immediately on the left leads into P-131. It’s as easy as that.

Occasionally, we may hold special events or our general body meetings outside of our regular meeting times or place, so make sure to check back at either this site or our social media!

How can I find out more about meetings?

Meeting details will be posted on our Instagram (@sbu.wim) and Discord, as well as announced over the Math Club mailing list. Information will be posted to SB Engaged/Corq as well, but understand that everything published there must be manually approved by someone in a compliance office, so things can take some time to update.

Am I allowed to attend a meeting if I am not a woman, or a member?

Yes! Our meetings are always open to everyone, regardless of gender identity or membership status. We hope to see you there!

How do I become a member?

As per our constitution, a member is defined as anyone who has attended our events at least once. Pretty simple!

Why does this organization exist?

The point is to create a sense of community for women and other minority students of mathematics at Stony Brook University. For many, it is easy to go without meeting other students like themselves within their academic activities, especially in advanced classes. This organization is then a place to find support where there isn’t elsewhere, and hopefully to empower participants to make the most out of their education through the connections they’ve made here.

But, all of that isn’t to say that only these groups are welcomed. It is our hope that anyone feels free to enjoy our community and the activities held at the Stony Brook Women in Mathematics.